Invent Tomorrow

We harness creativity to invent better futures for our clients and their customers.

It allows us to envisage, develop and launch new ways of working, understanding and connecting with your fast-moving customers. Creativity is at the heart of our business, we work hard to unlock it for all of our clients. We believe it’s the most powerful and transformative tool for future-focused businesses.

We draw on an extensive range of creative tools and processes and when we can't find a tool that suits our needs, we develop new ones.


Using our futures databases and research, we develop inspiring start-points for innovation, each capable of sparking hundreds of ideas.


All jump!ers are expert facilitators and deeply experienced in working acoss challenges; categories; levels. This is key to our 'Total Innovation' philosophy.


Core to successful outcomes, we place huge importance on the expert planning and execution of our workshops. We make hard work enjoyable.


We condense the innovation journey in an intensive and expertly planned and executed week-long off-campus event.


The 2D sensorial interpretation and expansion of an idea into something that people can react to and we can learn from.


Bringing concepts to the next level with 3D 'closer to reality' stimulus people can react to and we can learn even more from.

4ViBE Testing

Our breakthrough quantitative testing methodology for optimising and assess the various impacts of multiple concepts

Behavioural Economics

We use Behavioural Economics frameworks and experiments to understand how people make decisions (System 1 and 2 decision making) in light of various cognotive biases and then identify what to do with that information.

Internal Process Development

Working with teams to create an inspiring and sustainable innovation process across the company

Invent Like a jump!er

This training helps teams manage and lead the innovation process from opportunity platform creation, through ideation techniques; workshop prep and creating winning concepts.

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