Battle Bonds

Tomorrow will be a world changed utterly. People’s beliefs, behaviours and cultural bonds, post COVID-19, will be irrevocably altered. So get ready for tomorrow’s reborn desires, goals and culture.

jump!’s recent edition of SIGNALS: highlighted six Early Signals from SIGNALS: reports since 2019 that will have heightened importance for strategy and innovation in a changed, post COVID-19 restricted world.

This five minute article explains on of these post COVID-19 Early Signals, ‘Battle Bonds’.

‘Battle Bonds’ tells the story of how people will weaponise new and existing relationships for common good.

The power of ‘Battle Bonds’ has been accelerated during the global pandemic. Right now, people are working against a common enemy in COVID-19. Tomorrow, this experience will give people the momentum to fight for greater causes that are of benefit to the many and not the few.

People Reborn

There is a war-like effort emerging wherein everyone is being asked to play their part to defeat a common enemy.

A shock realisation has occurred at seeing how interdependent society is; nobody is immune.

This is forming unfamiliar bonds as polarised feelings are temporarily being cast to one side both locally and globally.

Cuban doctors have flown to Italy; Aldi have hired McDonalds employees; thousands are volunteering for their healthcare systems –there’s a spirited understanding that ‘The people united will never be defeated’1

Innovation Reborn

While governments experience intense pressure in this crisis period, we’re seeing a rising expectation for businesses and brands to step-up and play their part.

This is a time for authentic leadership. How it is handled will reveal much about each brand’s real values.

People will forge tight relationships born from a shared battle. As people look to brands to play a greater role in society’s COVID-19 battle and, as they also ‘weaponise’ relationships behind global and local causes and issues, the brands that win tomorrow will not only ‘do the right thing’ but will also spark and nurture the ‘right relationships’.

Post COVID-19, how brands responded when Battle Bonds were truly tested will do much to determine how they win tomorrow.

Our recent SIGNALS: report on Tomorrow Reborn brings alive six emerging futures relevant to brands re-planning for a COVID-19 impacted world.

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