The Power of Biophilia

People need to ease their urban angst

Biophilia describes humans’ innate and genetic affinity with the natural world. It says that we long to interact with nature and without it, our health can suffer greatly.

Becoming closer to nature is said to reduce stress, enhance creativity and improve overall well-being.

But, as urban population grows, people across the globe are experiencing a growing disconnect with nature and wildlife.

According to a new United Nations report, by the year 2050, it’s predicted that 68% of the world's population will live in urban areas.

As a result, there’s a rising desire among urbanites to find their way back to nature.

We’re seeing biophilic signals emerging across fashion, art, design, architecture and more.

Here are some early indicators of change:

Biofit Gyms

Forget sterile city gyms, crammed with machines and people staring at screens. Biofit Gym is the world’s first organic gym, featuring plant-lined walls and natural sustainably sourced materials.

Cloud Forest Domes

Many companies are breathing new life into their offices by heavily incorporating plants into their design. Amazon’s new Seattle office has ‘cloud forest’ glass domes housing 40,000 plants.

Biophilic Dining

Restaurants such as Bourne & Hollingsworth Garden Room in Clerkenwell, London are creating unique greenhouse style restaurant interiors that include high densities of plant life, even incorporating wildlife.

New green spaces will soon permeate our daily lives.

Expect to see cities engulfed with greenery; more hydroponic and aeroponic innovation; aerofarms; greener energy; electric vehicles; compostable everything as the world embraces the power of biophilia.

This shift opens up an opportunity for brands and companies to think of powerful ways to reimagine cities, homes and activations by tapping into and cultivating this desire for greener living.

Our recent SIGNALS: report on Tomorrow’s Wellness explores Biophilia and three more signals of change that are shaping consumers’ journey to a more holistic, healthier lifestyle.

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