Hybrid Living

As societies are forced to switch between lockdown and ‘free’ periods, brands will switch modes accordingly.

Lee Geraghty Jun 22, 2020

Until a Covid-19 vaccine is widely available, we envisage governments having to enforce a ‘Hybrid Living’, one which ‘flicks’ like a switch between, say, two-month’s ‘lockdown’ and one-month’s ‘freedom’.

Experiments with ‘lockdown relaxation’ are on-going, globally, with each nation watching others for the safest, most economically advantageous, and probably most politically astute.

Some people have been ‘taking matters into their own hands’ with house parties; play dates; filled parks increasing the likelihood of a second wave.

According to news site, France24, shortly after things returned to normal in Germany on May 6, around 100 people were infected with Covid-19 at an evangelical church service in Frankfurt. A few days later, in the north western Lower Saxony region, around 20 customers at a small restaurant – which was celebrating its reopening – suffered the same fate. The German authorities fear that these “super-spreaders” and “super-contamination” events could bring the dreaded spectre of a second wave to life.

Lockdowns will be with us for the next 18-36 months. This will be deeply stressful, but we will adapt.

Growth will be challenging for many as brand availability; ability to communicate; people’s needs, supply chains etc are disrupted.

As government supports wain, we will adjust our habits to deal with this insecurity.

We will live ‘hybrid lives’ and brands will have to flow with that. Hybrid-thinking Brand and Innovation managers will be required to stretching remits beyond traditional scopes.

In this scenario, people will lead two lives: Inside and Outside:

When life is ‘Inside’; we will tap into reserves of mental resilience, binge entertaining, sharpening our skills and planning escapes and escapades.

When ‘Outside’: Perhaps we live large! Urgently, making the most of social interaction, nature and sensory experiences.

The challenge and opportunity for brands is to be ready to seamlessly switch focus by offering two modes: In and Out, ensuring there is never any compromise in how your brand behaves.

Mode In: You are helping people be their best home and digital selves. Thriving inside; relating; learning; planning.

Mode Out: You are helping people be their best social and sensory selves. Adventurous; carefree; dangerous; pro-risk.

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