Matchmaker Math-maker

People will design their optimum relationship

A smarter, more meaningful dating culture is coming.

Today, dating has become the new fast fashion; relationships come with their own built-in obsolescence. We’ve become avid window shoppers of the luxury boutique that is a relationship – it looks nice on the mannequin, but do we really want it?

With 1.6 billion Tinder swipes per day, we’ve become addicted to the immediate gratification of a match, and what should be significant choices are made in the flick of a wrist from an ocean of selfies. Dating, and with it, relationships, have become systemised.

As a result, we’re going to start seeking out tailored dating experiences that help us find that very specific ‘fish in the sea’.

Some early indicators of this change include:

AI Matchmaker

AIMM is a matchmaker whereby each users chats with an AI that gets a sense of their personality and values, and then creates optimal matches accordingly.

Rainy Day Soulmate

The Marriage Pact at Stanford University created an questionnaire algorithm that paired students with a 'rainy day' soulmate to create a perfect match.

Premium Elite

As people struggle to find matches, certain apps are creating premium niches that only accept 8% of applicants, or where your eligibility is deemed by net worth or even number of Instagram followers.

With 45+ hour working weeks plus more openness to ‘non-traditional’ relationship formats, dating culture will become ever more streamlined as people seek out only what they really want.

Algorithms will help find exactly what we want in a companion more efficiently, destroying ‘off the rack’ dating.

With this, the meaning of companionship will evolve. People will flex with the boundaries of different types of relationships and AI will facilitate and curate this new world.

We’ll be taking a more holistic approach to meeting and ‘mating’ – whether it’s platonic, romantic or otherwise.

Brands will need to ‘date’ their customers, prospective and existing, like a partner as the smartest (and most attractive) ‘math-maker’ out there.

Treat them right, offer them support, show them your love, prompt a passionate romance even, and look forward to celebrating the anniversary of customer and brand getting hitched.

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