Total Innovation

Paul Kelders Jan 22, 2019

Breaking down barriers to create better project outcomes.

Our core agency belief is that, when it comes to innovation, everyone has a role to play and, everyone should be able to play every role. Client and agency. It’s an idea that says that if you have the best of people working with you, they should be able to adapt to play different roles as the project requires, and, as expertly as they would ‘play’ their own role. Everyone focused on delivering the complete win. Everyone working together in an agile, sharp and pacey manner. No functional silos.

We stretch and coach people to become complete innovationists. Our facilitators deliver awesome insights; our quant experts deliver amazing creative concepts; our sociologists love developing strategies. This is quite radical as it takes the tradition of having functional experts and departments and, whilst leveraging the beauty of that single expertise, empowers people to become a greater part of the overall drive to win. It says of people: ‘you can contribute more than you think’.

It makes recruitment very challenging, in fact it typically takes 10 interviewees to recruit each role. Tough for us; great for the client as they get some of the best people around working with them on their opportunities. And great for the jump! team as they continuously get to be, and work with, some awesome people.

This means that your project team will be with you from the very early stages of strategy development and opportunity identification, through ideation and concept development, all the way to prototyping; quant testing and internal engagement building.

We’ve been working this way for 15 years and have proven that our philosophy of ‘Total Innovation’ – a name inspired by the Dutch footballing approach of the 70s – has a far greater impact on people, projects and performance, than any other way of working.

We’re an innovation agency that has innovated our way of working, for the benefit of our, and your, team.

Welcome to jump!, your ‘Total Innovation Agency’.