Richmond Sausages

Reigniting the Passion for a Nation’s Favourite

A Break-Up?

Richmond was the number 1 branded sausage in the UK market but it was being squeezed. People were trading up to better-looking artisan sausage brands and trading down to own-brand versions that had upped their quality credentials. People were falling out of love with Richmond.

Finding the Passion Points

We set to figuring out the big passion points we could tap into to encourage UK shoppers to fall in love with Richmond again. We spent time in people’s kitchens across the UK. We watched as they prepared sausages for a family tea or after-school snack. We invited their children to draw us pictures of why they loved sausages. We hosted Insight Discovery Labs among fans and detractors for some collaborative tasks and experiments. This helped us find the underlying passion points that we could use to reinvigorate brand love.


The up-beat family togetherness positioning was brought to life in a way that highlighted the important social proof that Richmond was in fact the nation’s favourite sausage and emphasised the brand history in staying true to its own Irish recipe. This inspired a really strong campaign and packaging refresh which succeeded in inspiring UK shoppers to fall in love with the brand again. In the first 6 months of launch the brand attracted a massive 1.3 million new customers. The brand is back in growth again. A happy ending for everyone.