Define Tomorrow

We help you build an ambitious vision for growth with a clear path to achieving it.

We work hard to uncover the most potent insights, establish the most valuable directions and define clear actions. Our expertise and tools help to facilitate clear, confident decision making. And we never shy away from proposing the path less traveled if everything tells us that it’s right.

We draw on an extensive range of strategic planning tools and processes and when we can't find a tool that suits our needs, we develop new ones.

Vision; Purpose; Mission Creation

On a company or a brand level, we guide teams through a rigourus and creative Vision development process.

Business/Marketing Strategy Development

Facilitating teams though the systematic development of their strategic plans from Vision and Longer Term Objectives, through to Consumer Goals and Action Plans.


Identifying how your brand needs to adapt what if offers; says; does, in order to win into the future.


All jump!ers are expert facilitators and deeply experienced in working acoss challenges; categories; levels. This is key to our 'Total Innovation' philosophy.

Future Scenarios

Key to the innovation journey is having prompts around what the future might look like. Based on our research, we create scenario stories to fire people's creativity.

Team Kickstarts

Facilitating teams to identify how business strategy and brand positioning can drive their way of working and performance.

Behavioural Economics

We use Behavioural Economics frameworks and experiments to understand how people make decisions (System 1 and 2 decision making) in light of various cognotive biases and then identify what to do with that information.

Define Like a jump!er

We provide active training in the areas of Strategic Planning; Brand Positoining; The Basics of Future Scenario creation and application.

We can help you